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Execute Resources, owned and operated by Execute Digital, has started in February 2021 by Dave Benson to inspire individuals to push forward each and every day.

We’ve launched and are now expanding this blog to become a leading voice in the personal development space. If you’re here for the first time, then stick around! We’re only operating at one speed.

We’re here to motivate global readers, regardless of their backgrounds, to execute on the vision they set for their life.

Whether that’s through creating epic motivational content to solve problems, collecting some of the best quotes by famous authors or sharing nuggets of wisdom, we hope to inspire our engaged reader-base.

Here is a teaser of some of the content you can expect to find on Execute Resources:


Our content is designed to leave you a better person. Whether that’s helping you discover your purpose, create better daily habits, become more progressive or simply get a larger chunk out of life.


We love quotes! Our team loves quotes. They make us stop, think and execute on those short bites of wisdom. Needless to say you’ll find a big list of quotes being published on Execute Resources.

Net Worth

Have you ever been curious about the net worth of certain celebrities? We’re building out a range of well known profiles with updated information.

Rich List

There are expensive items…and then there are expensive items! We’ll show you some of the most expensive things that one can acquire, paired with lessons learned on how individuals acquired such wealth.


The individual that follows the journey with Execute Resources doesn’t subscribe to the status-quo. They’re ready to be pushed forward and create a life worth living. If that’s you…welcome to Execute Resources!