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8 Most Expensive Wallets For The Perfect Style



Spending most of your money on what holds the rest

Whether it’s for money or for show, a wallet leaves a lasting impression on those who are all about style. If that’s you, finding the perfect one for your cards and bills means spending the right amount to maintain a sophisticated reputation.

But how much is too much?

A nice wallet is still a necessity for most, despite the rise of apps being used for purchases as well as online shopping. It’s just not the same offering to pick up the cheque by flipping out a phone or your wrist, as it is pulling a card from a stylish designer wallet. Cash is yet to be dormant, with bills needing a home for those spontaneous tips, pocket money handouts and street-side purchases.

Finding one that fits your style and will hold everything you need can be challenging, especially when there are a lot out there to choose from. You want your purchase to be the right one that you’ll love for years, not just weeks.

So if money isn’t an issue, your life just got easier.

What makes a wallet so expensive?

It all begins with the brand. And it pretty much ends there too.

Luxury and designer brands have spent decades establishing a worthy and elegant reputation which makes them the envy of every other average company out there. While they deliver on quality, just the name alone can boost the wallet’s market value significantly. When price is not an issue, you may not even look past the logo of the wallet you’ve just laid your eyes on. World-renown labels will catch anyones eye so you’re guaranteed status recognition pretty much anytime you want it.

Then there’s the material. We all know the high value of leather in its most common form, cattle. When it’s come from crocodile or alligator, the material becomes one of the rarest and hardest to craft on the market.

Any added features will make a wallet more original and appealing to a buyer after a specific look, design or style. Size, colour and durability all come into play, with warranty and RFID blocking expected for with every one with a price tag above triple-digits.

Most Expensive Wallets

Are you ready to see just how pricey these accessory’s can be? Now is the time to decide if you’d prefer a round the world trip including accommodation, spending money and all meals, or a wallet. If you keep reading, we’ll assume you’ve gone with the latter.

1. Stefano Ricci Wallet: $38,000

The most expensive by a mile, Stefano Ricci’s Jaguar Embossed wallet is a luxurious black crocodile wallet made with high quality materials across every inch from stitch to thread. The accessory is both practical and elegant and entirely crafted at the brand’s headquarters in Florence.

On the front, an embossed Jaguar head is made from crystal while the entire zipper is made from rose gold. The wallet is very large in size and made in a purse designer.

It has a variety of slots for cash and cards all self-contained within a full wrap-around zipper making it highly functional. And not that it matters a whole lot, but there’s also space for a pen and additional flap for documents.

2. LV x Supreme Wallet: $5000

There’s never going to be a cheap way to land a Louis Vuitton label in your back pocket. The LV x Supreme Wallet is unsurprisingly made in France and comes compact and slim with cow hide leather lining.

This long wallet is colored with the famous stark red color of Supreme and designed in an elegant fashion found by Louis Vuitton. The collaborated brands have placed black Epi leather through a special dying process to allow the rich vibrant colors, perfect if you’re over the typical blacks and browns of the wallet world.

With both the LV logo and Supreme logo across it, the accessory is highly durable and water resistant. There is a great capacity for cash and cards with eight spaces and a full-width cash slot for banknotes of a variety of world currencies – if that’s how you roll.

3. Cartier Alligator Wallet: $3800

Cartier is regarded as one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world so it’s no surprise they charge a premium for their goods, and this wallet is no exception. Made from premium Alligator, the beautiful and elegant accessory has burgundy calf skin on the interior and a silver-colored Cartier logo.

With 12 credit card pockets, two flat pockets, and one interior zipped pocket, it’s going to reliably store a sheer amount for anyone who needs it.

4. Fendi Alligator Wallet: $2422

This classic looking wallet with simple layout is another Alligator leather accessory with the patternation of scales making it a Fendi staple for anyone with expensive taste. The high fashion luxury brand has produced this wallet in traditional bi-fold style with a simple layout of 10 card slots and a full-width slot for banknotes.

It’s not super unique, however you can always be certain you’ll get quality and durability with this Italian brand.

5. The Vandium Aurora: $1624

This iconic wallet from Gray® goes to show how a non-designer brand can still remain ahead of the game. Gray® was founded in 2015 by budding entrepreneur Kevin Wu, based in Singapore who creates wallets and other small products which fit a niche design specification and an outlook to the future.

The Vandium Aurora is ultra-slim with a unique design and rainbow patternation which shimmers when it’s moved around. It’s a stand out accessory constructed with exterior shells machined from aerospace grade aluminium and finished with a matte sandblasted look.

There are internal carbon fiber plates and an elastic band in the middle, so it remains strong enough to follow you through life and light enough to slip into every pocket needed.  

6. Goyard Victorie Wallet: $995

This boutique brand based in Paris have a range of ecliptic leather designs which are personalized for your individual needs to the highest standards. Monograms are hand-painted with exclusive paints made with natural pigments.

There are plenty of design choices and fonts available in a wide range of shades, so every wallet becomes your own expression of individuality. A perfect option for the stand out accessory which you’ll be complimented on, each time it’s taken out of your pocket.

It’s been picked up by the rich and famous as actor Orlando Bloom was spotted with a custom made Goyard wallet with initials ‘OB’ imprinted on the front.

7. Dunhill Biometric Wallet: $825

Are you that person who keeps losing their wallet? Lucky it’s 2021, and Dunhill have released this accessory just for you which uses technology as well as traditional materials to create unique and innovative functionality.

This fancy wallet can be linked to your smart phone through Bluetooth technology so if it’s ever more than a few feet away, an alarm will sound. The hard exterior is made from highly durable and lightweight carbon fiber while maintaining an upper class look and feel.

It’s also got RFID technology and a fingerprint sensor with capability to lock anyone out and prevent pick pockets too.

8. Wiberlux Bottega Veneta Bi-Fold Wallet: $556

Made from real calf hide leather, this slim designed wallet designed by the luxurious Milan fashion house is well constructed in a blown-up ‘intreccio’ weave. It comes in five colours for those who want a bright, staple stand-out wallet and has eight card slots and two note compartments.

The Bottega Venata is lined in smooth nappa for a luxurious feel all round and an easy fit into any pocket.

Your perfect style

At the end of the day, a wallet is really just an accessory to hold your cards and bills. An expensive one won’t necessarily make your life better but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in what’s right for you, if you’ve got the cash.

Our advice? Make sure it’s ticked off all your must haves, even if they’re as simple as colour, and minimum card compartments. What’s perfect to a label isn’t the same as what’s perfect for you and if you’re going to spend big you deserve to have everything your financial merits desire.  

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