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5 Most Expensive Jet Skis to Throttle Up With Style



The adrenalin rush worth every cent

Anyone who has been on a jet ski knows they’re the motorbikes of the water. Instead of being grounded however, you’re basically flying while riding through the waves with the wind against your face. The adrenalin rush from punching the throttle and being surrounded by water ingrains a feeling you can’t get anywhere else, and a high-octane thrill for every rider every time.

Whether you’re experienced or just beginning, jet skis are always going to be an addictive hobby. The high-speed motor sport is easy to learn and comes with health benefits such as developing balance and coordination skills and strengthening the leg muscles. When you’ve got access to one, as well as an entire ocean to ride, there will be no slowing down.

Shopping for a jet ski can be challenging when there are so many out there with various benefits. Once you know what matters most, it becomes easier to narrow down. Things like engine power, number of passengers, activities you’d like to use it for, supercharge and the hull are all going to impact how you’ll be able to use the vehicle.  

And then there’s budget. How much a jet ski costs greatly depends on its level of performance, its build quality, and any extra features it might have. Factors like the make, model, and all the bells and whistles can all play a part in determining jet ski prices.

So how expensive do they get? Very. These higher-end options have been created to maximize your experience with features surrounding engine power, design materials and individual customization. While most of us just want a jet ski to go fast, there are other aspects of the watercraft which will only enhance your time on the water. And if you’re ready to spend, you’re in for a thrilling ride.

Here are the most expensive jet skis in 2021:

1. Mansory Black Marlin 550


This luxury automotive tuner based in Germany have expanded their horizons with the release of this maritime jet racer. Any demanding water sports enthusiast will get a thrill from this exotic, exclusive, and high performing design with custom body work.  

The Mansory is strong and one of the lightest jet skis you’ll find with carbon fiber saving up to 10 kilograms in weight. It comes with a hand-crafted modified seat made with seawater-resistant artificial leather. And then there’s the powerful engine upgrade, converted to put out 550 horsepower while maintaining its stability and reliability.

2. Stand Craft V8 Wet Rod


The name says it all with this one, which took five years to develop into what’s being marketed as the luxury yacht of watercraft. The customizable construction is made from carbon fiber and epoxy, with the option to add wood and carbon inlays, custom painting and wrapping and more.

Then there’s the 5.7 liter V8 engine for a 300 horsepower output which will have you flying across the seas at 65 miles per hour. Need more? There’s an LED touch screen control to monitor the engine and play music through a premium sound system.

3. Narke GT95 Electrojet


It’s the Tesla of the waterworld, this jet ski uses electricity rather than fuel with zero-emission and is the first of it’s kind. It’s industrial look has seen a change in the usual design with modern-looking angles in place of the usual curvatures. The Electrojet’s engine has no noise a maximum speed of 43 miles per hour, and 95 horsepower.

You can plug the jet ski into any standard wall socket to gain full recharge in 90 minutes. The fully charged watercraft provides two hours of riding time. With a carbon fiber hull, this lightweight vehicle can carry up to three passengers. It also has a screen interface to check weather, satellite navigation and connect your phone through Bluetooth.

4. Belassi B3R Sport


This one’s for riding the waves with a 320 horsepower turbocharged engine and a front end design to protect the rider from water spray and improve overall performance.

The Belassi also has a dynamic brake system to quickly decelerate as well as fully adjustable rear sponsons to help improve stability and make sharp turns easy. The dashboard on this jet ski allows you to monitor the vehicles status, control the watercraft, and enables GPS and cruise control.

5. Taiga Orca Electric PWC


Another eco-friendly vehicle, this Orca Electric was created by a Canadian startup company. It’s got a top speed of 65 miles per hour and 180 horsepower making it a whole lot of fun in open water. The jet ski has a waterproof digital display to check the vehicles status, as well as GPS, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

Precision control and the design make it as agile as the engine counterparts. Controls include standard brake and reverse system and power nodes to customize the driving experience. And you’ll get a whole two hours on full charge. Did we forget anything?

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