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75 Beautiful Things To Be Thankful For and Appreciate In The Moment



An elaborate guide for the gratitude seeker within the simplest things

Ahh gratitude. The emotion of the 21st Century, and rightfully so. Simply put, gratitude and thankfulness are the new ways to chill out and be happier. When you are thankful for what you have, you don’t need the things you are convinced you do, eliminating the stress and FOMO (fear of missing out) associated.

You end up appreciating moments in life which are otherwise ignored, rushed and not providing their full potential.

” Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

– Eckhart TollE

When was the last time you were thankful for what you have, as opposed to what you’ve just received or purchased? Think hard now. It involves stopping everything and being present in the moment.

Being thankful is an offset feeling of mindfulness, which means paying full attention to something as it is happening.

So, you need to stop. Stop working, cleaning, exercising, eating, sleeping, talking or watching. In a world where technology is advancing by the minute and we continue demanding more, it’s easy to forget how great the things we already have actually are.

There’s always so much to do and not enough time to do it, as we work under pressure to maintain society standards for all aspects of life.

And there is a lot to maintain. Your family, your appearance, your career, your devices, your social commitments and your social media pages. It all comes up at once almost all day long and suddenly the day’s over and you’ve not even looked up to see the sun before it has set.

Reset Your Emotional Wellbeing For Good

Start being thankful today with our list of beautiful things, and you’ll see for yourself how this simple feeling has lasting benefits for your mental health and emotional wellbeing when practiced consistently.

Here are 75 things to be thankful for:

1. Family

Need we say more? Imagine life without your parents, siblings, cousins and even that crazy uncle we all avoid at Thanksgiving. Your family is a vital support network, one which provides you with all-important love, care, sympathy and words of kindness. Nobody knows you better or loves you more despite having seen you at your worst. 

2. Friends

Who else would you spill your deepest and darkest secrets to? Your friends make experiences 100 times better and are always around for anything you need. Whether it’s just listening, advice or a couch to crash on, your friends will never judge and only make things better.

3. Health

We all take our health for granted until it diminishes. How awesome is being able to use you’re your limbs all the time, and having a conscious mind all day every day. Don’t wait for something to happen. Be grateful for your physical and mental wellbeing, which other people strive so hard to reach through rigorous tests, procedures and devices which at times, can see no end.

4. Home

Home sweet home. Doesn’t get much better than this. Your comfy couch, smooth carpets, soft pillows and comfort food on hand. Kicking your shoes off as soon as you’re through the door. My how lucky we are to be able to do this. Every. Single. Day.

5. Job

You might not be the owner of an island, but having a secure job makes life very easy in comparison to those without one. Think of the perks you experience every day in your workplace from filtered taps and clean bathrooms to the large windows and social colleagues. Not to mention pizza on Fridays, a steady pay cheque and probably your own parking space. Have we missed anything?

6. Healthy Food

We have so many options when it comes to diet, and basically endless supply. Fruit, vegetables, superfoods and ethically sourced meats are widely used throughout kitchens as families strive towards conscious eating. Fresh food is around the corner almost everywhere, and it’s affordable for the average income earner.

7. Education

If it’s not college, it’s online courses, short programs, certificates and workshops, to cover almost any career aspiration you’re chasing. And they’re all accessible to anyone. Not to mention the ease of schooling for kids of all ages, with affordable payments assuring no one misses out.

8. Pets

Often underrated, our pets make us smile all the time as well as fill those playful voids within our hearts, every moment they’re around. You can rely on your pets for an instant mood lift as well as a fun distraction from the daily struggles of life. They will always think you are the best human being in the world.

9. Sleep

Having access to everything you need for a blissful night sleep is key for functioning throughout the day. Your bed, a bedroom and bedding are always ready for you to fall into when you need them most.

10. Seasons

Every year, you get the stunning repetition of fresh flowers, bright sunlight, falling leaves, and glistening snow. You must have a favourite, however the contrast is where the magic happens as you experience all the seasons with all your senses over and over again. How is boredom even a thing?

11. Savings

Savings doesn’t always mean thousands of dollars in the bank. Saving two dollars with a coupon is all you need to be thankful for this fine tool. And the option to save even more is one we can all consider with ease thanks to budget apps and the amount of investment opportunities which exist in the world today.

12. Weekends

It’s hard to beat Saturday night dinner at a restaurant or a Sunday sleep-in. Every week you have the ability to jam as much or as little as you like into these two days, with only the things you want to do. From shopping, fitness, sports and bars to salons, movies, getaways and relaxing. Man is there a whole lot out there for you to choose from.

13. Fresh Air

Stop what you’re doing and go outside right now. Breathe in. Breathe out. Do you feel anything yet? Fresh air helps you digest food more effectively, improves blood pressure and heart rate, strengthens the immune system, reduces obesity rates, and strengthens family ties. And it’s everywhere. How great is that?

14. Transport

Cars, planes, trains, bikes, scooters, buses. These modes of transport allow us to go anywhere we want to go throughout the day so we can live our lives with ease. Groceries, school pick-ups and gym classes would be near impossible without transport. Let’s not forget how holidays happen as we visit surrounding countries on aeroplanes and road trip into other states every time we get the chance.

15. Water

Drinking enough water comes with multiple health benefits including massive boosts for physical performance, energy levels and brain function. Even more, we’re talking showers, cleaning, swimming and so much more. You have access to clean, fresh water whenever you need it and that’s really got to be one of the best things in the world.

16. Technology

Don’t think we need to explain this one. Phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, the Cloud, software, apps, email, internet. From communication and weather reports to online shopping and instant recipes. We know we’ve forgotten about a billion things, but you get it. All the things which allow you to function throughout the day. Sad to admit but true. And boy are we thankful.

17. Books

The infinite amount of books we have access to, cover an infinite amount of categories for every brain out there. From non-fiction to fiction and self-help to travel if we want to know any more about anything, we can get it from a book. What’s more, are those fictional reads which demonstrate the power of the human imagination for which you can be truly thankful if not inspired.

18. Art

In all its forms, art at the very least will remind you of the wonderful things human beings are capable of. And the vast array of patterns we produce given our individual upbringing, lived experiences and personality traits. You can be thankful creative beings can come to life whether it’s on paper, through music, on stage or on the big screen.

19. Teachers

They tell us everything. Imagine where you would be today if you knew nothing. Teachers are patient, passionate and committed to instilling all they know within everyone of us. You needed them in the past, rely on them in the present and benefit from them in the future.

20. Music

Put your favourite song on, right now. Are you happy? Are you thankful? We all have that one track or album where we can’t help but smile in awe at the sounds the human race are able to produce. And there’s only ever going to be more coming your way each day as artists continue to create.

21. Colors

We weren’t around but we can imagine the excitement when color television landed in lounge rooms across the world. That’s because colors are beautiful. They bring life to everything and draw you in to a brighter place where happiness naturally follows, as should gratitude.

22. Gifts

Whether it’s giving or receiving, gifts are signs of love, kindness and gratefulness. Don’t wait for a reason to give one. Be thankful you have someone in your life who is deserving of a gift and make their day when you surprise them with one. Whether it’s a cup of coffee or you decide to pull an Oprah Winfrey and buy them a car, it’s bound to bring on excitement from the receiver and gratitude – from you.

23. Netflix

It’s. So. Good. Gone are the days where you wonder around aimlessly in the video store in awe of all the options. You can now do it from your own couch with 1000 times more content to choose from and 1000 times more variety. We know you’re thankful for this one. As are we.

24. Happy Hours

We all love a bargain. Throw in your closest friends and good tunes to kick off a great night out at your local venue. There’s always a happy hour on around the corner with your favourite cocktail ready to be stirred, shaken and poured over ice.

25. Celeb Crushes

They’re totally warranted and totally healthy. It’s only natural to blush over your favorite celebrity each time they’re on the big screen, little screen, screen saver, in a frame by your bedside table. The best thing, there’s no limit to how many people you can crush on.

26. Bacon

Whether it’s with eggs at breakfast, on an avocado sandwich at lunch or sprinkled through your pasta at dinner, you’re always achin’ for some utterly nasty, crispy, chewy, salty, savoury bacon. Even vegans and vegetarians are into this treat, running through as many mock versions as they have to, to find the closest match.

27. Wi-Fi

That sigh of relief you heave when the hotel receptionist informs you there is Wi-Fi available. Or the barista gives you the network password. Or the signal returns. And life is great again.

28. Fluffy Socks

We know your toes are grateful for this one, especially in the middle of winter on any surface which isn’t carpet. The warmth, fuzziness and comfort cozy socks bring to your feet is the very reason you’ll rush home after a long day.

29. Deodorant

Nobody likes body odour. You’ve got to appreciate not only that you are able to use deodorant, but others around you can too. It’s always worse when it’s not our own, and you have to endure an environment which stenches for hours on end. It’s times like there were only deodorant can and will, save the day.

30. Food Delivery

Knock knock, mmmmm smell the Chinese goodness wafting under the door. And you didn’t even lift a finger, so much as you did your feet to greet your driver and seize the dinner. Back to the couch. Dinner is served. Wonderful.

31. Google

Think of all the things you’ve googled so far today. And it’s only 9am. Google’s algorithms mean you’re getting the best information by using the search engine as they continue ranking sites with best content straight to the top. If there’s ever anything we need, Google is at our fingertips all day every day. Until your phone battery dies.

32. GPS

We’d never get anywhere in life without these devices. Literally. Your GPS saves hours of route planning and map scrutinising every week with guaranteed arrival times based on current events. And if you ever need a quick pit stop, all you have to do is key in a few words and you’re on your way to the nearest gas station or burger joint.

33. Auto Save

It could be that your battery’s died, you’ve accidentally hit the little ‘x‘ in the corner or your software has automatically upgraded and there’s a nervous wait to reload your device in anticipation of what you think you’ve lost. Auto save has saved us all many times in cases like this, where we think the worst has happened after hours of hard work and gruelling effort.

34. Spell check

Dictionary? What’s that? Spelling mistakes are far and few these days thanks to intelligent software saving time and embarrassment for all written things. Yes, there’s still those minor English-speaking country variations to look out for but you can’t deny it, spell check makes you look pretty darn good with flawless content across any platform.

35. Fresh Sheets

Fresh sheets make your nights as soft as possible and your mornings lighter than ever. Cleanliness, taut sheets, plumped pillows and a rejuvenated duvet cover are key for a good night’s sleep and an instant mood booster. What more do you need after a long day?

36. Couch

It takes weeks of Netflix and food binges to perfectly imprint your place on the couch for that oh so comfy spot which is totally worth it. Sometimes encasing your body in soft upholstery is all you need to smile, relax and let your mind drift away.

37. Cake

Thanks to cake, the whole world looks forward to birthday’s which aren’t even their own. The sweet, soft, rich, melt in your mouth experience is one you’d go through every day if only every slice had a zero calorie count.

38. Laughter

We know you’re thankful for this one if you are harnessing the powerful benefits of laughter and humour. Doing so relieves physical tension and stress and leaves your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. And it’s just fun.

39. Hot Showers

A luxurious, relaxing, pain-relieving experience of pure bliss, hot showers are always just steps away in your very own home. There’s nothing better to kick start your day or finish it off as long as the waters flowing, the suds are foaming, and steam is in the air.

40. Love

If you’re in it, you know. Love is everything everyone wants in this world, and comes with limitless trust, compassion, loyalty and friendship. Beyond life partners, there’s family, friends and pets who are lovable, and for this we are even more grateful for our ability to literally share, spread and give all the love we can towards anybody and anything the whole wide world.

41. Neighbours

Neighbours can do so much for each other, taking advantage of the close proximity for all sorts of things. When you need something now, they’ll come to the rescue with cups of flour, trays of tools and neighbourhood gossip to keep you in the loop.

42. Photos

How many thousand images are on your phone right now? Your photos are not just proof things exist or artwork for your social media. They are memories for life which you can look back on any given day to remind you of the moments you’ve been lucky enough to experience, pushing you to create many more. 

43. Videos

Living apart has never been so bearable with video streaming at our fingertips all the time. You can also share those one-off memories such as awards, first steps, performances and more with as many people as you like, to keep the magic alive.

44. Time

From a minute to a day, the power of time is one not to be underestimated as it remains central to our lives. It’s a creator of memories and the most valuable commodity we have. The fleeting nature of time makes it even more precious if there wasn’t reason enough to appreciate it already.

45. Rainbows

The colors of the rainbow bring the sky to life when you need it most after grey clouds have worked hard to blanket the streets with rain. Every single one is magnificent, luminous, bright and pretty enough to widen the eyes of the youngest toddler right through to the eldest grandparent.

46. Diversity

If everyone was the same, everything would be the same. Boring! Diversity adds value to any situation, relationship or group, as you appreciate and learn from the differences other cultures and backgrounds are so willing to share.

47. Forgiveness

It takes a big person with a big heart to perform this courageous act, and when it’s over you’re all going to feel relieved with lessons learnt for lifelong use. Whether you’ve forgived or been forgiven, your gratitude following the process allows you to move on and mend what’s been broken. You’ll return with refreshed energy for that much needed new beginning.

48. Naps

Doesn’t matter if it’s 20 minutes or six hours, your nap can be the best part of your day and there is no need to feel lazy for indulging in daytime sleep. Especially considering that short snooze can boost memory, improve job performance, lift your mood, make you more alert and ease stress.

49. Rain

That insane sound of pellets hitting the pavement are all you need to immediately smile, knowing the relief is being shared among many farmers across the state. The fun really starts when the boots hit the puddles as kids (and adults!) make the benefits last as long as they possible can.

50. Road trips

Does it even matter where you’re going? Road trips provide an instant sense of freedom as you take the wheel with a bag of potato chips in tow and some classic tunes cranking the stereo. Riding across the highway with your windows down and the wind in your hair tops it all off for the perfect escape.

51. Beaches

The bliss which follows the sounds, smells and breezes of the ocean are addictive as soon as your bare feet touch the soft sand. Whether it’s swimming, surfing, soaking up the rays, building castles or digging holes everything associated with the beach makes it a natural theme park.

52. Markets

Lively outdoor atmosphere filled with excitement for handmade goods and fresh produce are just the bare essentials every market comes which, which is more than enough to be thankful for. Throw in buskers, donuts, antiques and freshly squeezed juice and every moment becomes a delightful burst of happiness.

53. Memories

Just because every minute of your life has an expiration date, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Cherishing our memories allows you to relive the most beautiful parts of your life anytime you want, instilling a positive outlook for the many more yet to come.

54. Freedom of Religion

Gone are the days where you had to hide your true self and beliefs for shame of others. Only you can choose your spiritual path, with freedom to explore as little or as many as you like without punishment, judgment or discrimination.

55. Sunshine

Warm rays during any season are a blessing in disguise as the sun emerges at the times you need it most. A little bit of vitamin D goes a long way with mood-lifting benefits among many others. Not to mention the spur of brightness transforming the sky from grey gloom to blue serenity.

56. Phones

Not just for calling. Although that itself, is pretty darn convenient. There’s no denying your phone has become your mobile personal assistant, storing everything within its capacity from images and tunes to appointments and emails. Where would you be without it? Let’s hope you’ll never know.

57. Kindness

Surreal gestures and acts committed through opportunity and genuine goodness within the heart are enough to be optimistic about the world you’re in and the one your kids will become a larger part of as they grow each day. The real gratitude you need to feel surrounding kindness is what strangers will do for you or others.

58. Indoor Plumbing

Indoor plumbing not only provides convenience, it spares you from disease. It’s so well established across the world today and eliminates a lot of unpleasant activities you’d otherwise be faced with. Hard to believe there was actually a time in the world where it was yet to be developed.

59. Mountains

They’re just as amazing to see as they are challenging to conquer. Mountains are a glorious representation of nature we can travel through, hike through and even live in, with continuous views of cities, fields, plains, deserts, oceans and more.

60. Campfires

When the tents are up and the hiking’s over, a feed and gossip over the campfire becomes the perfect end to a day in the great outdoors. Toasted marshmallows are a must for dessert as you swap stories with other drowsily happy campers over the smoky, bright and warmly-flamed pit.

61. Senses

The ability to use your five senses every day of your life make it easy to oversee how lucky you are to have the ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This is how you interact every day and what makes an experience the best it possibly can be.

62. Sunsets

Red sky’s, bright beams and an air of tranquillity create a certain calmness which can only soothe the soul. The sun going down is a perfect closure of the day and nature’s design for welcoming an evening of unwinding and just chilling out.

63. Movies

Doesn’t matter the size of the screen, just add a comfy seat, good company and fresh popcorn for the ultimate night in. Even better, your spoilt for film choice with multiple platforms and all your favourite leading actors to choose, from any genre your days set the mood for.

65. Moon

You’ve got to be thankful every time you see the moon in the sky lighting your way and reminding you the earth is not alone. It’s our constant companion with a mysterious lure effecting our oceans and moods, just as Mother Nature intended.

66. Medicine

The magical field of health and healing continues to generate life-changing solutions for treatment and prevention of disease. Medicine has become the saving grace when it comes to our wellbeing, inside and out.

67. Armed Forces

They work harder than many of us, with gruelling training routines while living away from home for months at a time. Your life may one day end up in the hands of the armed forces, their resilience unbreakable as they strengthen the nation through more than just skill.

68. Board Games

Whether the Wi-Fi has dropped out, batteries have gone flat or the rain is pouring down, board games are fun and interactive for all ages. We are blessed to have a wide range of options with something to suit every mind and every skill whether it involves trivia, money, secret identities, or rolling the dice.

69. Surprises

Surprises intensify your emotions up to 400 per cent. When it’s a positive one, this means your feelings of happiness and joy are more intense. You feel loved and are able to embrace the moments which will remain long-lasting memories as a result.  

70. Live Music

Can’t beat the atmosphere of a live gig, whether it’s your favourite rock band or a local jazz duo. Good tunes make you smile, relax and at ease. Regardless of whether you’ve cosied up in a corner with your favourite drink or hit the dance floor with your favourite people, it’s only ever going to radiate a darn good time.

71. Rainforests

Temperate or tropical, the diverse plants and animals, climate and rain which exist under a hundred-foot canopy are an extraordinary collection of natural wonders. When you’re there and the noises are real, there’s no better feeling than the series of awe-inspiring moments being hurled at you with every step.

72. Theme Parks

Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland knows, it really is the happiest place on earth. And most theme parks today have mastered the joyful atmosphere these amusement venues are able to emit through the senses of sight, sound and smells, with bright colours, show tunes and delicious candy splashed around every corner.

73. History

There’s something about the past that will always provide us with a sense of identity. Ancient people, societies, events and problems enable us to understand where we have come from, and better understand who we are. History will always be a sense of context for our lives and our existence and boy are we grateful for those who wrote it down.

74. Dancing

Time to let loose! Dancing is a great release with benefits including stress relief, cardiovascular exercise, stronger bones and improved coordination. It’s just so fun, you could probably say a party without a dance floor is not worth having.  

75. Exercise

While it’s a chore for some, you’ve got to be grateful exercise exists for the multiple benefits of stress release, physical health and mental wellbeing. You’re spoilt for choice too, with options including running, swimming, weights, sports and even pole dancing. Hard not to smile when you work-out if it’s something you love.

The Ultimate To Appreciate: Children

They’re sweet, unpredictable, cuddly, silly, inspiring, touching, unique, hopeful, innocent, joyful and sincere. Your future leaders are always guaranteed to make you laugh and reminisce about your own childhoods at the times you need it most.

Start Being Thankful Today

These are definitely not the only things you can and should be thankful for!

There are infinite items we could have added, but we’re leaving the rest to you. Start by being mindful and observing your surroundings. Gratitude will naturally follow as your senses tune in on the now, while heightening the experience.

When you train your mind to remain present in each moment, you will find yourself being thankful for every beautiful thing surrounding you at every single opportunity.

It really is the only way to live.

Danni Shafik is a viral content writer for Execute Digital. She began her career as a journalist with a quick transition into writing as she has always told compelling stories throughout childhood and beyond. Danni loves creating viral content with varying topics, angles and audiences and endless opportunities to think outside the box for maximum engagement. Outside of writing, Danni enjoys reading, the beach, live music and exploring the great outdoors.